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A Belonging in Danger's work can take the form of various items, including fetish masks, floggers made from recycled leather or deer hide, and culturally significant objects gifted or earned and placed in a bundle as an active vessel.

For Dayna Danger, Belongings transcend mere objects; they emerge as culturally significant entities infused with life and narrative. Their value extends beyond intrinsic qualities, intertwining you with the identity of their creator, the community they represent, and the purpose underlying their creation. Primarily crafted by hand, these belongings take form in various materials, each carrying symbolic meaning. They fulfill a range of purposes and combine practicality with striking aesthetics.

Danger uses a range of materials, such as smoked brain-tanned moose leather, Delica and wampum beads, and intricate Czech size ten matte black beads with lustre black bead tattoo maps. Caribou tufts and meticulously placed tobacco sewn beneath beaded patterns contribute to embellishment and the protective essence of these Belongings. This craftsmanship and cultural resonance synthesis elevates these belongings, rendering them practical and aesthetically captivating.

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