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The digital photograph collection titled "Bad Girls" draws inspiration from women's scandalous and rebellious stories throughout history. It comprises over 20 images that delve into the complex narratives of “Bad Girls.” Dayna Danger, the artist behind the collection, was raised partly in the context of Polish Roman Catholicism, which informs their creative process. Danger's dissatisfaction with the historical portrayal of women through the eyes of the church, who defy the church's rules, fuels their imagination to create a new narrative that honors their stories, resulting in mythological and allegorical images of women who have defied societal norms. These women are often depicted as bad, devious, and overtly sexual in their stories. The collection invites viewers to draw inspiration from the rebellious spirits of these "bad girls" and incorporate them into our own narratives. 

The artist uses digital editing to manipulate the truth in the photographs, taking inspiration from theatre to meticulously arrange the lighting, outfits, and styling using mise-en-scene to generate a new sense of time and space. This manipulation creates a new truth, contributing to a peculiar and empowered reinterpretation of feminine power through art. The artist views photography as a tool to communicate their reinterpreted characters and themes, deviating from the male-dominated genre of history painting. 

Ultimately, the so-called "bad girls" serve as a reminder that sometimes, greatness is redefined by those who defy expectations.

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