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Dayna Danger's Sisters is a photographic series shot over two years. It explores the dynamics of family and identity, focusing on the bond between sisters. The series comprises seven evocative images, symbolizing a period of reconnection between Danger and their sister Michelle. 

The visual narrative of Danger's mise-en-scene includes black and white horse tails and human wigs, which add a layer of performative artistry. This over-exaggeration of the stage becomes a symbolic expression of transformation and fluidity of identity, adding a nuanced dimension to the series. The gaze of the artist and their sibling plays a crucial role in shaping the visual narrative. Danger's eye behind the camera becomes a tool for introspection, empowerment, and storytelling. At the same time, the gaze within the photographs captures the complexity of sisterhood, including moments of pain, love, vulnerability, and strength. 

The series is a visual diary of the artist and their sister's shared history. Danger's photographs offer an intimate portrayal of sisterhood, inviting viewers to contemplate family bonds, self-identity, and the transformative power of art.

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