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Dayna Danger's Fire Bundle series comprises five photographic images captured in 2021. These images feature a beaded flogger with seven braided tails, bare cardboard toilet paper rolls Danger uses as kindling for fire, a strap-on, traditional medicines and a skin stitch tattoo, some serving as visual symbols representing interpersonal connections with Danger's Kin and others a narrative about how we engage with each other's bodies in the context of desire and intimacy. The collection of photographs serves to depict and immortalize stories and insights related to Two-Spirit and Queer stories. Still, it is also a reminder of Two-Spirit and Queer stories that have been previously erased from Indigenous communities by colonialism. 

Danger reflects on the stories of queer ancestors shared around the fire and the roles and responsibilities of the Indigiqueer community. Danger's bundles document the tools and remedies of mashkiki they carry. These visuals, sexual instruments and remedies are representations of Danger's Story. 

The Fire Bundle is a collection that draws inspiration from the element of fire, a powerful force that gives and takes life. The photographs are created based on a theme from the show Force Field, curated and written by Logan MacDonald. Force Field is a play on words, as it celebrates the positive impact that the Indigiqueer community has on society while also recognizing the individual struggles that Indigiqueer people face in protecting themselves from ongoing pressures of colonialism, heteronormativity, cisnormativity, whiteness, and patriarchy.

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